We're Coming For YOU!

by Dreadful Children

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released July 6, 2016

Recording & Mastering:Jesse O'Donnell (Autopsy Room)



all rights reserved


Dreadful Children Seattle, Washington

Dreadful Children is Lonny Bristle, Johnny Cancer, Kevin LaBarre & Lizzie Franks.
Hailing from Seattle Washington, this is no trite slapback of the Nirvana-era here. Dreadful Children champion the unlikely equation of Iron Maiden–esque riffery and the Toy Dolls' sense of bouncy, infectious absurdity and somehow create a mad-scientist hybrid that totally kills! ... more

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Track Name: Intro (america)
This is America, the land of the free. Fighting proudly for your country, under this icon OLD GLORY! All who oppose us we will crush you under our mighty oppressive fist God bless this America, but he won’t bless this ANARCHIST
Track Name: Ollies 40 Thieves
Forty! Thieves! Ollie Ollie Ollie Ollie... Forty! Thieves! Ollie Ollie Ollie’s Thieves!
Ollie was a man of many shades, Ali Baba of this modern age. They don’t know how lonely he is, Ollie’s forty thieves.
Peddler by trade, he was rough by nature. Violence surrounds him every day. But they don’t know how lonely he is, Ollie’s Forty thieves.
Ollie walked into the dusk with his back to all he knew. Woah oh
Behind every shopping cart, there was a man in black. Woah Oh
They know his every thought, they know it through and through. Whoa oh
Ollie knows there’s never ever ever ever any turning back. Woah oh
Track Name: Not a Robot
I’m not a Robot, not a metal man. Got no resistance, no capacitor can.
And I won’t be controlled by your remote control. x2 PRESS GO!
They took me out of my box and they put me on a shelf.
Leave me alone, you gotta leave me alone and let me be myself.
One day someone came and they took me off the shelf.
No, I’m not a clone, I’m not a clone, I’m not a clone...
I’m not made of plastic skin, I can think and I can feel.
I’m not a mannequin and everything is real.
Tear me apart from my beating heart and my army will appear.
I’m not alone, You’re not alone, we’re not alone.
Not automatic, Not a plastic girl. Biological circuits in a diode world.
And I won’t be controlled by your remote control. x2
And we won’t be controlled by your remote control. x2 PRESS GO!
Track Name: United, Pissed off, Strong, and Free
We live in discontent, resolved in physical ways. Words over the years have grown tired. Distraction equals no action! Our lives just slipping away as we are slowly stripped of our rights. Then come the thoughts of revolution, another possible solution. Mired and cloaked in confusion, as they take away who we are.
We gotta fight, take our lives back. United we stand strong, We gotta stand, arm in arm . Stop pretending that nothing is wrong. We gotta fight, stand against them show our solidarity. United, pissed off, and strong and free. So tired of hearing empty promises. The time for action has begun. We’re standing strong against our government. Revolution! One for all and ALL FOR ONE! (Chorus)
Track Name: Punk House
This is our house! Clinging odor of smoke, sex and booze
Graffiti on the bathroom wall. Sick array of miscreants born to lose
6 dice rollin, we’re getting ugly! An hour to go til we get some more
Ten scattered in the closet, Fifteen cover every fucking floor
This is our Punk House, just short of a Squat.
Some choose the gutter, we choose to rot!
Robbing us blind! No respect, you call us housies
Our house of ill repute, you chose a path of larceny
Rock bottom is a myth! Filled with shame, vomit, piss and dread.
We can never have nice things. God dammit, who pissed my fuckin bed. (Chorus)
This is our house! Always ours, evicted or not.
We made history! In our punk house, just short of a squat.
Back in the gutter! Been there before, but we ain’t done
Where will we go next? Don’t matter, it was a great fucking run! (Chorus)
Track Name: I ain't got no D.N.A.
I’m a murderer from another time in a parallel world with a serial mind.
Two plus two always equals five when I’m headed for a nosedive, feeling alive.
I ain’t got no d.n.a. (x3)
Today! On the walls of my squat I keep a hidden score of motherfuckers ain’t talkin to me no more. Well, I’m living my life, I got no regrets. And I never brush my teeth I smoke Menthol Cigarettes.
I ain’t got no d.n.a. (x3)
I’m an alien, and I’m coming here from another time. I’m an alien in this parallel world, with a serial mind. I’m an alien, and I’m living my life for today, I ain’t got no D.N.A.! Now I’m stuck talking to you at the bar. Well, I aint fucking talking to you no more!. I’m still living my life, I got no regrets. And I never brush my teeth, smoke menthol cigarettes.
I ain’t got no D.N.A. (x3) I ain’t got no fuckin D.N.A.
Track Name: Beautifully Unusual
Such a doll, not a mall rat, NOT TALL. Not an irritant not a model type or ignorant.
She knows just what to do! Never sorry for her odd ways, NO WAY! She could be serious but isn’t afraid to play. Did I happen to mention, that she’s ever oh so cute
She is beautifully unusual, She’s unusually unusual, She is unusually beautiful
She’s a little insane, yeah, she’s a little insane and beautiful
She ain’t pure, oh. No she ain’t. Black hearted, demure, oh. No she ain’t. Egotistical or introverted! You could hazard say that, oh. Yes she is! Borderline perfection, oh yes she is! Just the right amount sane and the right amount of perverted.
Looking deep inside and knowing that it’s true. Reaching out to each other when we’re feelin’ blue. It ain’t all about her, it ain’t all about you. She won’t be sorry for her odd ways, no way! She’ll always remember to stick with the way she plays .Did I happen to say, that she’ll always be beautiful.
(Chorus)She’s beautiful! Unusual! So Beautiful!
Track Name: Shimmy Wiggle
Right about mid-century, we used to do the twist. Let’s add tornado to the mashed potato, I’m sure you’ll get the jist. You can do it drunk, so easy you can’t miss.
Misfits in a circle pit, sure it’s a lot of fun. Here’s something new, a silly dance,
easy for everyone. We all will be smiling when we’re done
Shimmy, (x5) Wiggle (x5) A shimmy and a wiggle and a bit of giggle all night long. (x2)
First thing that a gotta do is decide to toe the line. Then take your inhibitions and leave them all behind. Then grab a buddy, I’m sure that they won’t mind.
Shake your shoulder left and right, then multiply by 5. Now ya learned, jump and turn, yer friend will be surprised. Repeat the first step using your behind.
Track Name: Modern Dionysus
It ain’t a secret, where he hails from, brings crazy to the party. Brings good times, not bad times, just fun. He’s a modern man… Crazy, not lazy not an idiot. He’s wild, and smiling and legit. A friend to the end when ya need it.
He’s a modern Dionysus. He’s always doing what he pleases. He’s a modern Dionysus.
He’s a modern man, He’s a modern man. He’s a tease. She needs a lover, all her prospects are junk This Dionysus, man, he’s never too drunk. He endeavors to lift the funk.
He doesn’t brag, he never tries to boast. It’s time to disappear, he can become a ghost
He puts the sparkle in the wine and the cheers in the toast. (Chorus)
He’s a modern man, New town party animal, Bacchavellian couture, Brings laughter to all!
(Chorus) a tease, he’s a tease, he’s a tease... He’s a...
Track Name: You are my Number One
Happy with your bouncing baby boy. Atomic family, one
of your 2.5 to last the years, Never a thing to worry about. Should be having the time of his life while you wipe away the tears. You say oh-way-oh! You are my number one. Oh-way-oh! You tell him again, again and again, Oh-way-oh, yer gonna be someone. You are my number one, you’ll be my number one forever.Times were tough, when he grew up. Chose to lead a life, a path so rough. Living life by the minute. Society cast him out, he wanna scream and shout out loud about his life without you in it.
You say, Oh-way-oh, you are my number none. Oh-way-oh, you tell him again, again and again. Oh-way-oh, amounting to nothing. You are my number none, to me, you don’t exist. Through the haze and smoky days. Life so fast, black and white turns grey. Working hard finally pays. Given the opportunity to break away. Never gonna fade away! Now he works to help the rest, you believe he is the best. And now you’re spun despite the dark years. Can’t get past his tie and vest. You desire his success and now he’s won, despite the tears.
You say, Oh-way-oh, you are my number one. Oh-way-oh, you told him again, again and again. Oh-way-oh, and now that he’s someone. He is your number one, he’ll be your number one forever. Oh-way-oh, but you are his number none. Oh-way-oh, he’ll tell you again, again and again and again, yeah. Oh-way-oh, to him you are nothing. You’ll be his number none, to him you don’t exist.
Track Name: The Pit
Its Friday night yer off the clock. Hot blood courses through your veins. Fuck their world, punch yer boss. Dismiss the norm, go insane. Staring into pure aggression, The glint of spikes, unknown light. If I could capture one expression of a stage diver in mid flight
In the Pit, In the Pit, In the Pit, Get in the Pit
Generate this boiling sea, a youth parade of iron will. Society’s rules, bent and broken, to make them think we fuckin kill. Hot blooded palpitations, Chaotic tempo in your brain Full of anger, scare the nation. Punk rock and roll let’s RUSH THE STAGE! (Chorus) Chaotic vortex, anxiety. Never know, how we feel. Derail the norm, fuck society. Full of anger, blood is spilled. Generate degeneration. Blood coursing ebb and flow. Driven by indignation. Power violent halo!
Track Name: Mickey Come Out
Outta sight, outta mind cannot keep the pace. Mickey always looks over his shoulder.
The bravery of sacrifice, you feel so outta place. None of this will matter once yer older!
Don’t be scared, now Mickey come out. Show no fear, now Mickey don’t be afraid.
Don’t be scared, now Mickey come out. Show no fear, Now Mickey don’t be afraid of their mind game. Sick of being anonymous and rotting out inside. A secret so tired of hiding.
Fear of repercussions, there’s nobody to confide. Afraid they’ll stomp you outta fear and spite!
(Chorus) Do they care and will they get it? Full of doubt and insecurity. If they care they’ll get it. Time fades, High-school, These nightmares and dreams.
(Chorus) Don’t be scared!
Track Name: We're the New Generation
Tired of hearing about talking shit about the new school. Say they’re just playin games, well ya gotta know yer not the one that’s cool. Always hanging out downtown, messin around dismissing the sound and the fight. Always trying to focus on doing what’s “right”.
Buying into the game with your new wave hazing. Exploiting the youth, as long as yer gettin paid. Corporate music slaves
We’re the new Generation, We’re the new Generation, Gotta create an intellectual nation
We’re the new Generation, We’re the new Generation, Our minds are a deadly weapon
We’re coming for you (x3)
Nobody cares about, how tough was the old days. We were just playing games till it became just
another rave. Paving the way for the mainstream game of bait and switch. Music so bad it still makes me twitch. Buying into the game with your new wave hazing. Exploiting the youth, as long as your gettin paid. Corporate music slaves.
Out with the old, in with the new. (x2)
We’re the, We’re the…New Generation. We’re the New Generation. (x8)
We’re coming for you! (x11)